New Patient Initial Evaluation

If you are a new patient/client to my practice, you must start here so I can collect all the essential information! 

Please book a time slot for 50 minutes & keep an eye out in your email for new patient paperwork.

What to expect: Full evaluation with discussion of your concerns and goals.  Treatment to follow with recommendations for a home program. 

~ 1 hour 


Full Treatment 

These treatments generally include a combination/variety of Dry Needling, Scraping, Myofascial Work, Cupping, Muscle Activations Technique, Joint Mobilization, Exercise and Mobility work 

All with the efforts of getting you back to the greatest version of yourself! 

~ 50 minutes 


Know What

You Love

These are quicker treatments with less in-depth education and more isolated focus to one joint or ailment.

These treatments generally focus on one modality or technique such as  dry needling, scraping, cupping, joint mobilization, or focused joint Muscle Activations Technique.

~ 25 minutes 


Home Program or Mobility Program

Do you just need a few tips on your movement patterns or progressions to get into an exercise regime. 

Would you like to work through a more traditional physical therapy appointment with primarily exercise based movement with strength & stability training for your specific concern or ailment. 

This may include strength, stability, balance or sport specific training.

~ 25 minutes