Rehab to Fitness
6-week course / Feb 7 - March 18

Back Pain • Hip Troubles • SI Joint Dysfunction

Join the Program, Rediscover Your Body, and Unleash Your Potential 

A results-driven training method - INDIVIDUALIZED for each participant! 

You can view all about me throughout the website, but this is the place that I am putting my vision together for you! With a background in personal training, driven by 12 years of Physical Therapy training and work--it's simple to say that I LOVE movement, exercise, and science! I love to help you get well and provide the education to stay well. 


Whatever works for you is GREAT

If you are currently receiving chiropractic care, massage therapy, or seeing me for all the muscle activation and dry needling magic... Fantastic! Adding structured exercise will make those adjustments last longer, the muscles stay stronger for longer so they don't tighten back up, and keep the muscles activated and useful to your body in the best way possible! 


Cost and Benefits 

This course will run for 6 weeks (with a small break the week of March 7th).  There will be two one-hour classes each week.  

The first session will begin with a full movement screen to be able to personalize the course to your needs and give you work for home that is based on your specific limitations.  

The cost of this course in $350.00, which breaks down to be under $30 dollars a session (a one-on-one with me is $100).  

There will be plenty of education along the way with extra homework and advice based on your fitness level at the time of the course. 


I can't wait to see you inside the class, getting the work done! 

Diving into the root causes of dysfunction is amazing and SO. MUCH. FUN! 

It takes a little time and patience to work through all of our systems and things that we create throughout a lifetime... but with dedication you can see amazing results using your own body and efforts. 

If you aren't familiar with exercise, no worries! I will be there every step of the way! This class is designed for anyone and everyone, all ages, and fitness levels.

See you on the inside!

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