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NEUBIE by NeuFit

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What is NEUBIE?

NEUBIE is a neuro bio-electric stimulation machine used to identify specific areas with disconnects between the nerves and the muscles.

Unlike electrical stimulation therapy devices, NEUBIE combines two waves, allowing a direct current (DC) to optimize the neurophysiological effect on the patient, without causing them to be locked up or frozen by muscular co-contraction. Other devices merely offer alternating currents to prompt change in the neuromuscular system, which triggers stress responses in patients; alternatively, NEUBIE promotes a higher parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) tone and has extensive clinical evidence showing an increase in heart rate variability (HRV).

NEUBIE's twist on the traditional electrical stimulation machine promotes eccentric contractions, which absorb force, improve performance, protect joints, and reduce injury.

How can NEUBIE help?
Pain reduction & rehabilitation

NEUBIE's targeted focus on finding deficiencies allows therapists to pin-point pain sources that may not be immediately obvious. NUEBIE helps to isolate and improve existing dysfunctional neurological patterns. Results include improved function and an acceleration of the body’s natural healing. This allows the symptoms to dissipate more quickly than with traditional therapy.

Muscle building

NEUBIE workouts can increase workout intensity and reduce the amount of gym-time necessary to build the same amount of muscle.

Performance improvement

Increased performance can be obtained by working through strategic joint mobility drills and lots of eccentric movement with an emphasis on position while being neurologically stimulated by the NEUBIE neurological stimulation. This improvement is quicker than traditional training methods.

As the creators of the NEUBIE by NeuFit explain:

"The device ends up preferentially generating sensory, afferent input, and less motor output. It is sending a sensory signal to the central nervous system (CNS), and the CNS can respond by either relaxing into that signal or fighting against it. The ability to preferentially send afferent signals is extremely important, as it lays the foundation for many other neurological reprogramming protocols for which the NEUBIE is use"

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