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New Patient Initial Evaluation

Before working with a client, we like to connect to ensure our services are a good fit for you. Our number one priority is to ensure patients will benefit from our care without wasting their time or money. After an initial phone consultation, we will schedule a one hour and fifteen minute in-person evaluation if we determine we're the right fit to meet your individualized needs! If we feel another clinic or resource would be better suited to you, we will happily refer you there.

Please fill out our contact form, and we'll be in touch shortly.

We look forward to helping you transform your physical health!

Full Treatment 

Full treatments last approximately 50 minutes, and generally include a combination/variety of dry needling, scraping, myofascial work, cupping, Muscle Activations Technique, joint mobilization, exercises, and mobility work.

Know What

You Love

Know What You Love treatments are quicker 25-minute treatments with less in-depth education and more isolated focus to one joint or ailment. These treatments generally focus on one modality or technique such as  dry needling, scraping, cupping, joint mobilization, or focused joint Muscle Activations Technique.

Home Program or Mobility Program

Do you just need a few tips on your movement patterns or progressions to get into an exercise regiment? Or do you want a more traditional physical therapy appointment with primarily exercise-based movement, including strength & stability training for your specific concern or ailment? These programs last approximately 25 minutes, during which we will help you address strength, stability, balance or sport-specific training.

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